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  • 2017-2018 New Program Structure – HOW we are Advancing the Future of Coaching

    How satisfied are you with your coaching journey?   Have you set goals to advance yourself professionally or are you treading water in a pool of status quo?   Where are you drawing your fuel that keeps you jazzed to...

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  • 2016 PRISM Winners Share Their Award Journey

    For the first Chapter meeting of the year (10th January 2017), we were delighted to host 2016 Prism Winners, Automotive Fuel Cell Corporation (AFCC-Auto), who shared with us their transformational 3 year journey to become an integrated coaching organisation. Glenn...

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  • 2014 PRISM Award Winner, Jennifer Gervès-Keen

    Kerri Elmore CEC PCC had the opportunity to engage with ICF Vancouver’s 2014 PRISM Award Winner, Jennifer Gervès-Keen MA, PCC to learn more about her PRISM experience and the valuable insights that were gained throughout the PRISM Nomination and Award...

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