ICF meeting brought to you by the letter “C”. Coaches Coffee Conversations Core Competency Contract


Coaches Café was a delightful success!  It was a beautiful evening to gather with fellow coaches, locally and on a more intimate basis.  Plus the bonus: no rain!

Were you aware that the Core Competencies were developed by the ICF to increase our knowledge and proficiency of the skills and approaches used by the coaching profession?  Were you also aware that Coaches Cafés were initiated to develop relationships, share experiences, and learn more about our core competencies in an interactive manner?  Well, we are hitting the mark!


The second round of Coaches Café centered on Core Competency #2: Establishing the Coaching Agreement.  The facilitators previously met and collectively agreed on four learning objectives.


Over the course of an hour, these objectives were not only met and but exceeded.


A common sentiment has been that Core Competencies did not have the same relevance or appeal at the onset of our coaching careers.  However, fast forward to today and add real experiences, the cafés now require a little discipline/leadership to break off the conversations to stay on time!  Furthermore, at all 3 locations, new coaches have offered to facilitate the next round!


Some feedback on the night include: coaches want connection and shared experiences on what works and what doesn’t (getting clients, favourite coaching questions and coaching tools, and how to collaborate with each other).  Coaches were heard to say how they “love the community the cafés are building” how these have “put a little spring into [their] step” and “when’s the next one”?


Glad you asked.  Coaches Café, May 30, 2017 Register now: Squamish, North Vancouver, Vancouver and Surrey

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