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NewPoojaPooja Khandelwal, MBA, MCC

Director, Coach Giving Portfolio

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Benefits for Non-Profit Organizations

The ICF Vancouver Coach-Giving Leadership program is a leading edge one of a kind initiative at ICF Global.


Our program offers your middle to senior level leaders and individual contributors in key roles:

-8 hours of one-on-one executive coaching by highly skilled credentialed coaches.

-The leader’s direct supervisor plays an equal role in supporting the engagement as a leadership developmental tool and to the goals of engagement.

-Coaching goals are linked to organizational and individual objectives and tied to leadership impact.

-Pre-work package is designed for leader/direct supervisor to engage in a series of activities which lays an effective foundation for the coaching engagement

-While coaching takes place in a safe and confidential space, the direct supervisor and leader meet regularly to discuss achievement of goals, thereby ensuring success for the organization.

-Post-engagement surveys are conducted to measure success.


In 2014, our launch year, the program supported 80 leaders of non-profit organizations throughout the province of BC.


Post Leadership Coach Giving Program Survey Results

Common themes related to impact of thinking, working or relating differently as a results of the coaching program were:


-Broaden thinking, surfaced different perspectives

-Helped to think through, identify issues, strategies, set and commit to goals

-More supportive and suggestive with comments rather than directive

-More empowered, confident in approaching situations

-More strategic, self-aware

-New tools to deal with stress and difficult situations

-Role strengthened and enormously improved

-Better team player

-Improve communication with others

-More comfortable with the role of leader

-Equipped to set strategy, motivation and guidance required to meet goals with team

-Development of positive behaviors and management style that empowers staff to contribute to the overall success of the organization

-Provided whole new perspective and endless growth opportunities

-Improved working relationships


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Benefits for Coaches


The Non-Profit Leadership Program (NPLP) under the Coach-Giving portfolio of the ICF Vancouver Chapter is a leading edge, one of a kind initiative at ICF global.


Through this initiative the Vancouver Chapter supports its membership by:

-Promoting professionalism and awareness of coaching in a community that may not ordinarily have access to this empowering process, thereby enhancing the scope for the profession.

-Supporting coaches in their credentialing by offering an honorarium that would enable coaches to log their coaching as paid ours.

-Enhancing their coaching business as coaches may have opportunities to continue their engagement through their private practice post the 8 sessions through NPLP.

-Acquiring referrals through their work in NPLP to further boost their business.


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Catherine Gordon

Catherine Gordon

HR Director, David Suzuki Foundation

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Marianne Lowe

Marianne Lowe

HR Director, Rick Hansen Institute

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